Friday, 7 November 2008

Our Thriller Comments..

All of the other groups assessed our thriller opening during today's lesson. We have included the comments that we received in this blog posting.
Group Q3-76 said that the clip was very eye-catching, with an effective narrative and good use of props. However, they also said that there was repetition of some images. although the image flashing worked well.
Group Q3-77 said that the choice and improvisation of locations was excellent. However, they also said that some images were not completely relevant although this was 'no major flaw'.
Group Q3-75 said that the editing was very successful, and the camera angles were also good. The voice-over was effective and the lighting was also good. They did not suggest any areas of improvement.
Group Q3-74 said that the lack of focus on speech and dialect created more impact within the clip. However, they also said that the images used during the flashing sequences were too repetitive.
To improve our thriller opening we would use a wider range of still images to avoid the repetition that we have been criticised on.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Thriller Opening Credits

These are the credits we have decided on for our thriller opening;

Clockwork Productions present
a Warner Sisters film
(Cast One) Jim Mackanan
(Cast Two) Michelle Longstanton
(Cast Three) Sarah O'Brien
Costume Design by Tom Day
Art Direction by Malcolm Brennan
Production Design by Ian Davis Baker
Casting by Maya Johnson
Film Editing by Nick Cameron
Cinematography by Aylin Joselyn Lane
Original Music by Gordon Summers
Produced by Brooklyn Page
Directed by Blake Westfield

(Main Title) Anonymous.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


We have decided to call our thriller opening Anonymous. This is appropriate to the themes of our opening and relates in particular to the main character. The main character, Natalia Kevensky, will be played by Debbie Brennan. The doctor, shown in one of the earliest scenes, will be played by Emma Grayland and the detective will be played by Ciaran O'Brien. Most of the camera work throughout will be carried out by Ciaran and Emma, unless they are in the scene themselves. The editing process will be mostly carried out by Hannah Rose. Locations will vary as we would ideally prefer a hospital environment for most of the scenes; however, a couple of the scenes will need to be shot in different locations. Props that we intend to use include: a hospital gown, and the file of documents. Equipment includes a bath, a fireplace and a filing cabinet.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Thriller animatic

Friday, 10 October 2008

Photobooth (:

This Is The Crew,
Emma, Ciaran, Hana And Debs. (:



Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Thriller Openings

We started to brainstorm ideas and came up with twelve frames for our own thriller opening. We put these into a storyboard format and ordered them appropriately. Our inspiration has come from one of the thriller openings we watched previously, Item 13, which is included in one of our previous posts.

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Wednesday, 1 October 2008


The opening to this thriller was predictable. There was a wide variety of shots used, one of the best was at the start of the opening when the camera took a shot inside the door as well as outside when the girl was entering. The build up to the door at the end is poor where the girls hand is squashed against the window. It is a stereotypical concept of a thriller movie.


Other Thriller Examples..

This was one of the most effective thriller openings we watched. It captures your attention immediately and draws you in, making you want to watch the rest of the film (if there was one!). The appropriate elements are used and the flickering images are very powerful and add to the effect of the scenes. The shots are held steady throughout and this produces a clear image despite the deliberate flickering. Most of the shots were filmed close up, and despite the fact that a variety of shot distances should be used, this was the most appropriate way to film this particular opening. The material is very appropriate to the set task and all the aspects of the filming is relevant to the theme. The font and music is cleverly chosen to accentuate the meaning and add to the effect. The editing process was accurately carried out and different shot transitions were used to add variation. Titles were used in effective places and did not distract the attention from the scene.

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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Thriller Opening: Se7en

A detective thriller starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt. The opening focuses on a murder scene that the main character, Detective Lt. William Somerset is present at. He then discovers his new partner, Detective David Mills. The opening scene switches from a gruesome yet realistic murder scene to a psychotic opening sequence where the film credits started rolling.

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